When will you release for Linux or Windows?

We expect to get to that in a couple weeks. Sooner or later depending on your demand. So make sure to fill out our request platform form.

Is this stable?

Yes. We started in late 2019, and since then have been using it every day. It's resulted in shaping a wonderful user experience and a solid app. Most importantly, when there's any bugs we usually resolve them within a day.

Does Noor mean more meetings, all day?

Exactly the opposite. We strongly believe jam packing lots of Zoom meetings in a day or a week hurts productivity, increases stress and result in a hating remote work. This is why async work is becoming the default.

Using Noor makes interacting with teammates enjoyable, easy, efficient and fun. In our early users experience, using Noor voice chat and screen share for hours doesn't result in fatigue (like Zoom) and isn't distracting and demanding (like virtual office apps). We've spent a year shaping the right experience.

What's the average age of your team?

23.3 years old.

Why another app?

Read below.

I thought async-only communication is better for remote work?

As mentioned, async communication makes sense for remote work. We also believe leveraging tools like Notion, Google Docs, thread based text chat like Twist, Threads, and to some extent Slack makes a calm team. But here's where we believe Noor can strongly improve your team work. In async work, you lose impromptu team chats, you lose talking to humans like back in the office, and you end up resorting to meetings to get those. But if you've been in Zoom meetings you know it's a dreadful experience.

Enough talking, just start using Noor and chat with your team like it happens in an office. And still use async and text chat apps on the side.

Why should I use this over Zoom?

Don't! You should keep Zoom installed for most of your meetings (especially big ones). Noor is for:

1. impromptu voice or video chats

2. helping teammates using collaborative screen share

3. doing 1:1s

4. chatting mid-work day

5. co-working together (even with mics muted)

6. discussing and brainstorming over Notion, Figma, Google Docs, VS Code Liveshare, etc

If your team is in timezones close to each other, you'd love doing most of your chats in Noor instead of Slack. You'd enjoy doing small meetings in Noor, rather than Zoom. Let Zoom do what it's for: scheduled video meetings.

Why should I use this over similar apps? (eg. Around, Tandem, etc)

Those apps go in two categories: Zoom alternatives (Around) or Discord-style voice clones (Tandem).

We started with a clear goal: re-imagining how team communicate remotely to fix isolation, lack of communications, FOMO, teams moving slowly. We think we've designed a great solution to these problems. And since we've always been remote ourselves, we've made sure it doesn't hurt focus.

Now if you want join all day video meetings or jump into voice channels that never have been the perfect answer. Or use Noor instead ;)

Are you the team behind there.pm?


Will this be shut down in a few months?

Never. Won't ever sell either :)

Why don't you have channels?

Channels lose their meanings very soon, and don't fit into a natural conversation flow. For example, when you and your friend start talking in the morning, you might start with talking about breakfast, coffee, then help them with engineering, get feedback on your design, silently co-work or play a game. Now, what should the name of this channel be? And will you create new channels with topics for all your activities?

In Noor, you create topic-focused rooms. They are fluid, and go away when you no longer need them, giving your space a lively vibe!