Hang-out with Friends

Mohamad Rajabi • August 16, 2021

We now have more than a dozen spaces that a group of friends have made for hanging out. They chose Noor because it's simple to use. It's like a shared flat to hang-out anytime. You might think Noor is just for teams, so I'm going to show how these groups are using Noor.

Friends hanging out

I've seen a number of common activities:

  1. Multi-player gaming
  2. Chit-chatting in your free time
  3. Helping each other in code
  4. Getting friends' help in tough times

Gaming vs. IRL activities

After Covid hit, friends started feeling left out of their peer groups. Some who were using Discord found out how hard it is for new friends to get it. Also it was eating up their computer resources. Many w

As soon as we released our Windows app, a group of friends started inviting all their friends to Noor one by one. They play Dota 2 and to quote one of their messages to us:

"It's so good, It's no longer eating my bandwidth (and CPU)"

This group of friends have met from their school days.They're now scattered over multiple cities.

Counterintuitively, The more you hang out virtually, the more you're likely to meet in-person. You feel closer to each other when you keep in touch, thus easier to meet in-person.


More than %60 of Americans report feeling lonely or left out. It's not enough to broadcast your life on social media. We all need 1:1 relationships and friends who are there when they want to talk.

Helping each other

A few days ago, my friend who's learning code invited another fellow friend who was also learning to code to his Noor space. He helped him fix the issue in his code via screen-sharing. It was magical to me seeing two of my students help each other out.

It's difficult to ask for help when there's no quick way to communicate and screen share. Things change when you both have Noor.

Hang out with your friends

You can download Noor and invite your friends for free, chat, screen-share and play games together.

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