Mohamad Rajabi • August 27, 2021

AirPods microphones are terrible for meetings.

AirPods Pro

You've probably noticed the quality drop when you enable the AirPods microphone. Try playing some music, then start a Zoom meeting (with your AirPods microphone selected). Did you hear the significant drop in sound quality? Others also hear your voice like that.

AirPods microphone adds 140-280ms latency to your call because of the bluetooth connection. Meeting apps typically have around 400ms latency and adding to that makes it harder to have a lively conversation.

The current best practice is to switch to your internal microphone or a wired microphone for your meetings, and use AirPods as the speaker. You can do that in System Preferences > Sound on macOS.

In the Noor app, we automatically notify you about this, and suggest a better microphone ✌️

However if you're the type of person who walks around the house while in the call, you probably have no choice but to use the AirPods' microphone.

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