Accelerating World's Transition to a Borderless Society

Mohamad Rajabi • June 21, 2020

2010's social media expanded our friends' network to thousands of kilometres away. At Noor, we're doing the same with your work life. Beyond just your teammates, your distant friends, investors, office guests and communities can be online. You'll walk to John's startup office, casually chat with the team that each of them is living only hours apart. It's not far away in this online city. Online, diverse city.

You used to be working only at the office, but now you're helping a teammate in Slack while lying in your bedroom. You used to know just your neighbours (barely!), but now from the morning till you go to bed, you interact with people from multiple countries.

A dozen hours saved each week. Reduced overcrowding and solving the housing problem. Contributing to almost every country's economy and empowering the remote areas. It's also a win-win by millions of dollars saved for companies and freeing them from choosing either efficiency or tapping into the whole world's talent pool.

We're talking about the successor to the industrial revolution. We're reversing the transition to big cities, and recreating the networks online, enabling your location to be irrelevant. The more successful we are in facilitating this transition, the healthier the Earth will be. Reduced flight travels due to huge improvements to virtual communication and presence. [1]

The desktop app is how we start. Proving with bare minimum we can design a system to enable our mission. Back to coding.

[1] In the UK alone the transition to remote work would save 6.2 million metric tones of greenhouse gas annually, the equivalent of taking 2.5 million cars off the road.

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