What's New

Noor 2.1.120

May 19, 2022 - Make sure that your desktop app is updated as well to Desktop v2.0.24
  • 🎥 Video over screen share: Finally you can share your smiling face while coding in a strange position 🥹 This was requested a lot!
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    • Make sure you’re on the latest version and enable both your screen and camera to try it out. It’s currently in beta so let us know what you think!
    • Tip: Don’t enable video chat if you’re +3 people over a screen.
    • Why? (technical description)
      Although we reduce camera quality to save bandwidth, our p2p architecture (that makes the lowest latency possible) would require a lot of bandwidth to do many cameras and a screen.
  • Fix camera view not remembering its position if it’s too close to the top
  • Fix camera view being unexpectedly resized if moved to another display
  • Fix a critical issue where you couldn’t hear anyone due to having your speaker deafened while screen sharing (this was causing a lot of headache for users!)
  • Fix replies to images and GIFs in chat showing an empty embedded message
  • Fix an issue with opening the image someone is viewing by clicking on their avatar in the top call bar
  • And a lot of small fixes across the screen sharing, video chat, voice connection, and the sidebar that mentioning them would make this list huge…

Noor 2.1.115

May 10, 2022
  • ✨ New Rooms UI: We shipped a cleaner design. Rooms now keep their arrangement to reflect how space in real-life works and upon making the window bigger, 3-rooms will be shown in a row.
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  • 🎵  Share music (system audio): Listen to music together by Spotify, Apple Music, and more by enabling this new option. Also available while screen sharing to watch movies or YouTube together. You’ll love it!
    • It also shows an indicator over your avatar in the room.It also shows an indicator over your avatar in the room.
      It also shows an indicator over your avatar in the room.
  • 🟢  Call Status Dot: It’s now easier to glance at your call status from the top bar.
  • 🎧  Force AirPods: Enabling this option gives AirPods owners peace of mind that no sound will accidentally blast through the MacBook speakers.
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  • 🟡  Focus Mode: Hear others in the background at a low volume, while having a Focus Ring to let others know you’re in the zone.
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  • Draggable Tabs: Re-order your open spaces by dragging the tabs.
  • Hiding self-view in camera mode, now hides your own circle to save space.
  • Added a new option in Preferences to get a debug report to speed-up bug fixing.
  • Fixed Option+Click and Command+Click in remote control.
Known Issues
  • Right-click in remote control is broken in the last update. Fix coming ASAP.

Noor 2.1.12

Dec 17, 2021
  • 🤫 Silent Rooms: Make your focus rooms silent so you can be present while being in your flow.
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notion imagenotion image
  • ↔️  Camera now resizes evenly however you resize it
  • Improve screen share observer window resize
  • Improve drag to upload photos
  • Fixes new users not showing up in the sidebar
  • Fixes chat unread messages count not being cleared
  • Fixes a bug where camera didn’t show up for some participants
  • Fixes a bug where not all participants were visible in a video call

Desktop v1.2

Aug 31, 2021
  • Remote control for Windows 🎉
  • Resize window as much as you want
  • Properly open the app if already open on Windows

Noor v1.2.5

Aug 4, 2021
  • Windows version beta!
  • Delete member: Creators of the team can now right-click on a member in the sidebar and delete them.
  • Faster app animations and interactions
  • Faster call connection (this is just a start, more improvements coming soon)
  • Ability to clear room background
  • Removed work-hour timing and added last online time instead
  • Fixed a bug causing app to be unresponsive to clicks
  • Fixed emoji picker not working
  • Fixed rooms jumping around when switching between two active rooms

    Noor v1.0.0 • All-new UI and more 🎉

    Jul 23, 2021
    • 🎨 All new UI: Bigger rooms and new sidebar to accommodate new features & statuses
    • 👩‍💻 Work-time status: See who started their work-day or called it a day
    • 👋 Catch missed nudges: See who nudges you when you were away!
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    • 🌆 Room backgrounds: Add emoji icons and full app backgrounds to appear when you join the room!
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    • 🌍 See teammates' local time: Glance at your coworkers local time before pinging them. Shown if they're in a different timezone.
    • 🚀 Quick send in room: Send links & text to roommates. They can copy or open in a click!
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    • 🏖 Resilient voice mode: If you're on a bad network or your voice is choppy, this makes your voice crisp (Enable from the ⚙️ > Preferences)
    • 🗑 Delete room: Delete rooms from the menu. From now, Noor keeps around rooms that have topics when you leave.
    • Send feedback or see what's new from the new help menu
    • Now we notify you when friends join the lobby
    • Improved auto-update that shows change-log
    • We now record call stats so if you experience any issues, we'll exactly see what went wrong
    • Away from keyboard is more accurate now
    • Fixed dismiss on the video guide didn't close immediately

    v0.17.27 – Window sharing!

    1. Share a single window: Now you can focus on what matters. Even on ultra wide screens, you can now easily share screen.
    1. Away From Keyboard: • Yellow dot means they went to grab water, coffee, etc and they'll be back in a second!
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    1. Mute if they forgot to! We all had a moment when a teammate leaves their microphone on and goes somewhere. No longer!
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    1. Join notification: A nice little notification pops up when someone joins your room.
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      v0.17.20 | A lot better video chat & screen share! 🎉

      • Screen-share 2.0: Faster, lower latency, higher quality. With this update, we offer unmatched screen sharing experience utilising latest video encoding technology.
      • A lot better video chat: Video chat quality is a lot better, smoother and lower latency
      • Camera picker: Now you can switch to other cameras
      • Screen-share quality controls: Now you can optimize screen sharing for code or playing videos, and change it's quality!
      • Screen-share switch to me: While viewing someone's screen, you can share your own screen right from that window and we automatically switch them to viewing you! 👌
      • Auto-leave on system lock: Feel safer when you go for a walk! We also make sure if you're talking, your system doesn't go to sleep and interrupt you.
      • Screen share indicator in camera view: Switch to screen share right from the camera mode.
      • Fixed a bug that caused permissions dialog not appear in Catalina
      • Fixed screen observer window becoming too small
      • Fixed camera permission dialog not showing on Catalina
      • Fixed sometimes camera being in use mistakenly (the MacBook camera LED turning on) This did not send your video, it just triggered camera for checking permissions.
      • Fixed UX of changing devices. It is now a visible button!
      • We added better error logging for ourselves, so expect faster bug fixes!
      • Updated the app name from "There" in login mic permission page
      • Fix clicking "Click to Update" not relaunching the app and updating
      • Fix showing download progress (and added a progress bar in settings menu)

      Jun 21, 2021 Launched Noor

      • Faster screen share
      • Video chat!

      Apr 12, 2021 v0.15 — Most stable There ever!

      • Voice rooms: Just talk. High quality audio, with just a click. We've rewrote the whole voice module to be the fastest, most stable version we've ever released.
      • Emojis: Use your favourite emoji for rooms!
      • Screen-sharing: Lightning fast screen sharing. No quality limit. With multi-pointer support.
      • Status message: Go beyond online or offline. See what's everyone up to at a glance. (Or just put a joke up there)
      • All new UI: As simple as it can get. Click, talk, close.
      • Pin: See who you're talking to in a small control window attached in the corner of your screen. No more switching apps!
      It's been a year, and we're celebrating it with our 15th major release. It's the best we've ever used.
      notion image
      notion image

      Dec 5, 2020

      New Features
      • Rooms with icon & name: Finally you can create permanent rooms for certain activities or statuses. Make your place your own!
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      • Members In Sidebar

      v11.6 — Dec 3, 2020

      New Features
      • Faster updates: Now you'll get updates we push within a few minutes with just kilobytes of download
      Bug Fixes
      • Preferences window is correctly positioned
      • Pinned roommates UI is back (it was gone due to a bug)
      • The sidebar now shows correct and up to date members
      • A crash in onboarding is fixed
      In this version, we temporarily disable screen sharing for a day, to resolve a critical bug. Our quality standards are high, and once it's back it probably works better and faster than most screen sharing tools.