Rooms are the core feature in Noor. You can talk, share your screen, pair program, have a video chat, or just be present silently. It’s different from traditional “voice channels” in other apps.
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  1. 🧑‍💻 Default to voice chat to eliminate fatigue. Use video when it sparks joy.
  1. 👥 Optional size for a room to stay for a long time is 2-3 people. But feel free to huddle in bigger rooms.
  1. 😌 Stay in rooms like “Coworking” (or “Can Be Disturbed”) when you’re not doing deep work and people are available. You’ll be surprised how many cool ideas will spark at these times.
  1. 🔇 No need to stay in rooms all day at all. In fact we usually encourage to leave fast.
  1. 🎨 Don’t limit creating new rooms. It’s good to create a room with a specific topic for a discussion so others can chime in.
  1. 🚶‍♂️ After you’re done talking, if you got time, stay in the room a bit longer—just mute. It’s like taking the elevator together after a short meeting.
  1. ⌨️ Toggle your mic using Option/Alt + S global hotkey—it can be used while being in any app. Customise your shortcuts and add one for camera in the Preferences.

🟡 Away Dot

When you leave for a minute to grab coffee or food only to see someone has been talking to us. Not in a Noor room! We show a yellow dot over your avatar to signal you’re probably not at the computer.
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How it works
If we detect no mouse or keyboard activity when you’re in a room, we show the yellow dot. This feature is limited to rooms to protect your privacy 👍

🔒 Room Lock

Having a private conversation? Lock the room. You can invite others by giving them a nudge. Nobody can join without permission while you get the benefit of being a transparent team. We’ve found this works much better than a traditional private call.

🔇 System No-Sound Indicator

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When you are in a room and your system sound is muted, Noor shows an icon 🔇 over your avatar so others don’t shout your name into the void.
A useful technique for those with bluetooth headphones or AirPods: Put your system sound to 0% so when your headphones are disconnected, your MacBook stays silent. Noor automatically shows the No-Sound indicator and others will notice as well. We loved this so much, there’s now an option to only pass sound through your AirPods.
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🤫 Silent Rooms

Signal your status or sit together without the voice chat, e.g. “Focus”, “Designing”, “Answering Emails”, etc. Use it to show you might be available to chat 💬, or to be around people while being 👨‍💻 focused.

🖼️ Room Wallpaper

Click the ••• > Set Room Background > Choose a photo! Now you have a fully customised vibe across the app when you join the room.
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Focus Room
Game Room