Quick Start

🎁 Install the app

Download for Mac or Windows or alternatively you can use the web app here.
Linux user? You can open the web app in Chrome and at the top right of the address bar, click “Install” to install the app on Linux.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Invite your best friend

You can invite anyone to be your first friend in your space. Send the invite link to them over Slack DM or your favourite chat app.


  1. Keep the app open in the background. You’ll be able to see your teammates in the menubar (no need to join a room all day though)
  1. Use 👋 Nudge feature to invite people into the room you’re in. They’ll get a lightweight join nudge.
    1. notion imagenotion image
  1. Try collaborative screen sharing and video chat. (See demos in the Twitter thread below)
  1. Read this Twitter thread on the core features:

Ideas on using Noor as a cool team

  1. Collaborate in Figma, Notion, Google Docs, etc while being in a voice chat. Easier than ever to quickly bounce ideas, and iterate towards excellence.
  1. Pair over collaborative screen sharing. Each get their own mouse and keyboard. Useful for PR reviews, debugging, teaching, and pairing programming.
  1. Be in the “Focus” room. It’s a silent room! 🤫 This is showing your status to the team so they won’t Slack you. You can focus together!
  1. Jump in a quick Noor voice chat as soon as you find yourself in a lengthy text chat in Slack/etc, It'll usually replace 20 minutes of back and forth texting. You'd feel energised afterwards to get back to focus.
  1. After your deep work sessions, join the "Break" room. 👋 Nudge your teammate to see if they're free. Many interesting ideas arise in these coffee chats.
  1. Try using the video chat instead of 1:1 Zoom calls, or whenever it sparks joy! It’s faster, higher quality, and lower latency.
  1. Jump into Noor rooms during the day whenever you wouldn’t mind a small talk— you don’t know which conversation gives you your next big idea!