Quality & Speed

🐭 Cutting Edge Video Encoder (AV1)

Using Noor you can be confident we’re always looking for latest tech to make it better for you. The benefits of AV1 include:
  • Better compression efficiency than other types of video encoding, reducing bandwidth consumption and improve visual quality
  • Enabling video for users on very low bandwidth networks (offering video at 30kbps and lower)
  • Significant screen sharing efficiency improvements over VP9 and other codecs.

🔒 End-to-End Encrypted

Your voice and video is end to end encrypted between you and your participants—which means we can’t ever see or record it. It simply doesn’t go through our servers unencrypted.

⚡Low Latency

Talk, jump mid sentence, and bounce ideas without pauses. Because we take a direct route in the internet to your participant for lowest possible latency and maximum quality.
Don’t take our word, see a user comparing Noor video chat quality to Zoom: